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9 creative studios, which took digital design to the next level

As we know, creativity is a constant work and search for the best idea. Designers keep looking for an inspiration everywhere: on the street, in the office, during dinner and inside themselves. The goal is to create something that not only catches the eye of the audience but changes consciousness, transforms the world around, prompts for action and makes people think.

All over the world people gather to create ideas that delight and surprise. Nowadays a lot of web design companies have received well-deserved recognition due to their dynamic work and high-quality services. The combination of technical design, brand strategies and interesting applications make their websites an extremely effective marketing tool. We’ve collected world’s best design studios for you to see what kind of creative ideas they offer to the modern market.

1. ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting is a Toronto based design studio that provides innovative ideas and marketing strategies. Its full range of services includes high-quality website development. The studio also offers such services as 3D animation, personalized management system, luxury visual displays and navigation systems for websites.

ITW studio works with clients from all areas from photo banks and dating sites to health care companies, real estate and telecommunications.  In addition, its professional and dedicated staff makes this company exceptionally pleasant to work with.

A mountain with a pink sky on a background

ITW Consulting

2. Liquid Bubble

Liquid Bubble is a creative studio offering print, design, digital marketing and web development solutions. The company is often mentioned in the lists of design studios with the most diverse range of services in the world. In addition to the basic web development, their team of experienced and dedicated professionals provides graphic design, digital and large format printing, CD/DVD services for all possible kinds of clients. Liquid Bubble has earned the fame as one of the leading design companies in London and one of the most mobile and multifaceted design studios in the world. And all of that thanks to the great reviews from consumers from all over the world.

People working at the desk

Liquid Bubble

3. North Kingdom

North Kingdom is a design studio from Sweden, founded in 2003. Despite the cold northern temperament, the company’s works are distinguished with bright colors and high quality. Using innovative approaches North Kingdom offers such services as concept development, game design, animation and motion design, product design, digital innovation, service/product design and more. The company sees its business with their clients as a joint venture, therefore everyone can rely on each other in the process of bringing an idea to life. No wonder that such big companies as Adidas, Netflix, Google, Carlsberg, Disney have entrusted their projects to North Kingdom.

Landscape,lego and a smartphone

North Kingdom

4. Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is a full-service digital and creative agency from New York, USA. The company provides marketing solutions for large and small businesses. Blue Fountain Media can boast such clients as NFL, Walt Disney, Nike, US Mint and even United Nations. Among the most popular services are website design, logo design and branding, video production, application design, business consulting, brand strategy and digital marketing. Interactive Media Awards have mentioned Blue Fountain Media as one of the top 10 agencies.

Website and smartphone layouts

Blue Fountain Media

5. Deep Blue

If you are looking for an advanced mobile and web campaigns or effective promotion solutions in social networks, search no more since Deep Blue will be your best choice. This American full-service web design agency is using the most modern methods to always be one step ahead in conducting web campaigns. Deep Blue helps its numerous clients convincingly declare themselves on the web by offering such services as custom website development, branding as well as marketing campaigns and CMS solutions.

Deep Blue consists of three companies. Each one specializes in one of the main areas: branding, social networks and strategies for smartphones. As a result, a team of professionals has already helped such companies as Intel, NASA, Continental, Miramax and Mazda to effectively impact their target audience.

Three black and white whales

Deep Blue

6. Graphically Speaking

Graphically Speaking is the second largest web design and development company in the Great Vancouver area. Its 50+ experts in the field of personal programming and application development provide a full range of high-quality services.Graphically Speaking has successfully run more than 3000 web site projects. Besides web design and development, the agency also offers programming services, digital marketing solutions and e-commerce services.

Powerful technical base allows Graphically Speaking to create unique developments and marketing strategies. The company also offers more affordable solutions for small companies helping them to create an effective online brand image.

Two black tablets

Graphically Speaking


The Swedish agency B-REEL was founded in 1999 and nowadays has offices in Stockholm, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Barcelona and New York. The company calls itself a “hybrid production company”. It specializes in developing digital solutions for the Internet, mobile platforms and media. Their ability to create technological and unique fragments of digital content has set the bar for other studios. From experiments with Chrome to the creation of interactive music videos, B-REEL has established itself as one of the most inventive agencies in the world of digital production.

A professional team of more than 170 designers, developers, writers and producers daily help other companies with branding, design, advertising, website developing and strategy. Over the years B-REEL has worked with such companies as Google, Nike, Facebook, Warner Brothers, Mitsubishi and H&M.

A person wearingred glasses



FICC is a digital agency from Japan founded in 2004 with 80+ professionals in the field of design and marketing solutions. The studio helps other companies to cover management and digital areas using custom strategies and methods of understanding the needs of the target audience. The most popular company’s services are brand strategy development, website design, media planning as well as digital marketing.

The works of FICC are laconic and simple, which makes them even more stylish. The base of clients includes such well-known companies as Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Reckitt Benckiser and others.

City panorama in gray colors


9. Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship is a digital creative agency based in Brooklyn, New York. Their projects are always in high demand and full of new innovative solutions. Just visiting their website is already quite an adventure. The company positions itself as a digital agency of a different type. Take a look at the works of its creative team to make sure of their uniqueness. In addition to design, Big Spaceship offers services in the following areas: marketing, social media, analytics. Among their clients can be found such companies like JetBlue, YouTube, Samsung and BMW. The company has also been repeatedly mentioned as one of the best places to work in New York.

White writing on a black background

Big Spaceship