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Graphic design

10 basic principles of a successful logo design

The first step inĀ building an effective brand is creating a logo design. Most entrepreneurs understand the need for a professional approach in business and pay special attention to the creative process. They know that a high-quality logo can significantly increase the popularity and recognition of any brand. Creating a logo …

Design vs Art: what is the main difference?

We often think about design and art as of the same thing, but in fact, there are some particular differences that separate these two forms of creativity. Even though both artists and designers aim to create a visual image, their reasons may be completely different. People often believe that there …
Graphic design

11 trends that you may see in web design solutions in 2017

With the development of new technologies, mobile gadgets become more powerful and able to store even more information. Therefore a lot of web designers turned their attention to creating user-friendly websites, which allow comfortable viewing information from any mobile device. This perhaps is the most notable trend of 2017, which …