6 prestigious educational institutions to get a degree in art and design

We live during the time of constant development of technology in all industries, including art and design. Creative market needs new talented professionals like never before since we see that a lot of leading companies, like Apple or Pinterest, have gained its popularity thanks to its high-quality designer solutions. Despite the high demand, there is also a huge competition among the professionals on the designer market. And every one who is looking for a job has to remember that profile education along with internships and high-quality portfolio brings much-needed advantage.

The best way to begin your designer career is to invest in your education. It will help you acquire knowledge and practical skills, as well as prepare your first portfolio and even get an internship in one of the leading companies. For any designer, it is crucial to master the latest technologies and technical skills and learn about modern trends in fashion and design. To help you choose the right school for yourself, we’ve decided to take a look at one of the most respectable education institutions in the field of art and design.

1. Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins is a public art school located in London. Perhaps, it is the most prestigious fashion university in the world. Central Saint Martins can boast such graduates like John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane and many more designers, who all have their own unique style.

Many students say that Central Saint Martins not only provides knowledge and skills but also changes consciousness completely, it pushes its students out of their comfort zone. Everything here is focused only on students, the intensity is high and most tasks require independent work. Young fashion experts learn to manage and control their time and hard work pays off with opportunities to show yourself to the world. The school is partially financed by the government, therefore British students may find some privileges.

Old building and a street

Central Saint Martins College

2. London College of Fashion

Great Britain has always been distinguished by a high interest in art and design, so no wonder that its schools often make the top lists of best fashion universities in the world. London College of Fashion has graduated such famous designers as Jimmy Choo, Jonathan Anderson and Nicholas Kirkwood. Just like the Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion is also a constituent college of the University of the Arts London.

Among the main advantages presented by the London College of Fashion is a huge number of training programs dedicated to all aspects of the fashion industry. Students can choose anything from journalism, fashion psychology, sportswear design to beauty technology and innovation in fashion. According to the students, this institution has a very open policy and encourages the development of personality in every possible way. Graduates note that getting a job offer from an international company is also not a problem.

Modern building

London College of Fashion

3. Parsons School of Design

The number one fashion school in the US – Parsons School of Design is located in New York and can boast connections with fashion industry as no other profile university. Today Parsons School of design is often called “pioneer in the field of design education”, which sets the bar for the rest of the universities.

Training programs in the Parsons School of Design are focused on creative disciplines aimed at developing critical thinking and individual vision of students. The school provides knowledge in the field of fashion design, fashion strategy and management, fashion research. Students are taught to develop special skills, which help them solve the contradictions of the modern world.

Parsons School of Design is not only concerned about design but also pays a lot of attention to environmental problems and humanitarian crises. In a network of laboratories, students have the opportunity to study the consequences of globalization and conduct their own research.

A wall of a building

Parsons School of Design

4. Istituto Marangoni

Istituto Marangoni is an international educational center of fashion, art and design with an eighty-year history. Its campuses are located in the main fashion capitals of the world – Milan, Florence, Paris, London, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Mumbai, next to the largest design companies and fashion houses.

Over the years Istituto Marangoni has become a true aesthetic laboratory, successfully integrating the European style and culture with Italian classics. The teaching staff consists entirely of leading designers and fashion experts, who constantly pass their priceless knowledge and experience to students.

More than 40 thousand students from all over the world have received diplomas from Istituto Marangoni. The best of them were offered internships in leading European fashion houses. But no student is left without attention, as the Istituto Marangoni helps in building a successful career for each one of them. For example, one of the most striking events for the third-year students is participation in a fashion show, arranged for potential employers.

People making clothes

Istituto Marangoni – Milan

5. Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts is one of the most elite design institutions in the world. Only 140 students a year have the privilege to study fashion and design here. But despite the fact that it is so difficult to get accepted, the percentage of those who give up their studies is very high. The program is very difficult and not everyone has what it takes to cope with it. The academy teaches to think freely and not limit imagination in any way. The podium is seen as an experimental place, which is waiting for someone brave to conquer it.

Training programs in the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts are paid, but Belgian government provides very generous scholarships even to students from foreign countries. The admission process includes an interview with professors, where the future student needs to show the knowledge of not only English but also Dutch or French.

An old building with a yard and trees

Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts

6. Bunka Fashion College

Bunka Fashion College contributed to the popularity of Japanese designers around the world in many ways. Until the late 50s, girls were the only student at this college and one of the first male students became the founder of the Kenzo brand – Kenzo Takada.

The college has four main faculties: Fashion Creation Department, Fashion Technology Department, Fashion Marketing and Distribution Department, Fashion Accessories and Textiles Department. Most of the times, students have to have 2 years of basic course before they can move on to the specific specialization. An excellent bonus is a library, which includes more than three hundred thousand books in different languages.

Bunka Fashion College teaches not only future designers but also journalists, stylists and specialists in marketing or fashion business. In addition, young fashion designers can choose the direction of their activity: creating haute couture or prêt-à-porter clothes.

4 storey building

Bunka Fashion College