The term “design” comes from the Italian language and translates into a lot of meanings. But in general, design is a plan, purpose, drawing, sketch or pattern, which underlies the scheme or composition. But above all, design is a preference of every person, who wants to show out his taste. All throughout the development of the culture of the mankind, a man always tried to make his daily life more beautiful by decorating clothes, utensils, dwellings and so on.

Nowadays such concepts as benefit and beauty, society and artists, creativity and necessity have firmly intertwined with our lives. The fact that surrounding us items should not only carry benefit but be aesthetically pleasing becomes one of the most important conditions of the society. Design affects the world of a person, his culture, views on life and principles.

Unlike the works of art, each item in our life has its important purpose. In other words, we see its functionality and effectiveness. But almost every person feels the need to surround himself with beautiful objects. Therefore the value of any objects is now determined by two factors: the benefit and the beauty. And design is an artistic construction of household items, the formation of a harmonious environment, created by means of industrial production to ensure the best working, living and recreational conditions for people.

In the modern world, there are many types of design. Thomas Hauffe in his short course called “Design” by a popular publishing house “Dumont”, talks about more than 30 types of design, including automotive and computer design, a design of communications, a design of equipment and food, movie and sound design and even anti-design. And out of this huge amount of activities everyone can find something that suits his needs or interests.

Nowadays we live in the world of the ready-to-use products and you might ask why do we need to know the basics of design? But the answer is very simple: because the study of the basic principles of design will help you to develop your personal artistic taste and the ability to “run” the world of things. By knowing the basics of space organization, you will be able to transform the surroundings into something unique, convenient and that corresponds to your personal preferences.

Whether you are a professional designer or a school graduate searching for a path in life, there is a lot of information in our articles that might not only be helpful, but very inspiring. We study design in all of its forms: from digital space to home interior. We keep up with the latest trends and recall legendary people, who have made the biggest contribution to this form of creativity. We review the best schools for those, who find themselves just at the start of their design career, and search modern professionals, who have already made it and inspire others for new accomplishments. New entrepreneurs and business owners will find useful tips on how to turn a design of their company into an effective marketing tool. And even those who are just looking to decorate their living space can come across helpful information about useful interior designer sources and specialized software.

This is the time when everyone can make his contribution to the aesthetics of our world. And despite the main profession, we all are designers of our lives. Our goal is not to let our world turn into a boring and gray place. Therefore let’s learn how to create beauty together!

Computer with a design project on the screen

Aesthetically pleasing work space