8 unique designer professions that will be in high demand in the near future

Every year robotization and automation spread onto more and more industries and professions all over the world. It seems that this process will soon leave half of population out of their current jobs, including designers. But everything is not that bad since if you look on the bright side, a lot of disappearing professions are replaces by the new modern ones.

Nowadays professional designers have to understand and use new technologies, be able to manage global projects and conduct both social and economic analysis. Slowly but surely this profession turns to become more broad and universal. Some universities have already implemented specific courses to help future designers conquer their profession with modern knowledge. Meanwhile, we have found several creative professions that will most likely be in high demand in a very near future.

1. Nostalgist

As we know, fashion has a tendency come around after a certain period of time. In just a few years there is going to be a high demand for designers, who will be engaged in recreating memories for retired people, specifically interior design in a style of a certain period of time. Rich elderly people, who feel nostalgic for their past may want to have a room in the 1980s style or a kitchen just like their mother had in the 50s. All of this will be done by a new niche in a designer profession of the future.

Those who would like to receive such unique profession will have to study not only the science of design but also history, psychology and experience of older people, as well as watch old films and photographs. Being able to create a high-quality nostalgic design is not that easy.

 Living room with table and chairs

Old fashion interior design

2. Implant Designer

Another highly demanded profession of the future will be the designer of implants. This specialist will be engaged in developing the design of the organs and artificial parts of the human body, as well as the process of actual implementation of the product. This profession will require in-depth knowledge in software and modern technology in the area of bioelectronics.

The medical industry is now at the peak of its development and we are close to creating biological tissues as never before. The mankind is also one step away from creating artificial human organs and implant designers will be the ones responsible for tailoring it to the needs of the customer.

3. Architect of virtual reality

In a very close future, people will look at the virtual reality as naturally as on the physical cities, nature and rooms. It will be a place for relaxation, entertainment, working and even treatment. But in this alternative reality, the person will be able to choose the environment he needs and customize it as wanted.

This process will create a high demand for specialists, who are able to design virtual reality software and hardware, taking into account the bio and psycho-parameters of the user. The main goal of an architect of virtual reality is to combine separate applications into an entire virtual world. This profession intertwines with different fields of knowledge, such as environment architecture, psychology, neuropsychology, artificial intelligence, anatomy, sociology and programming.

A girl using VR gadget

Female using virtual reality gadget

 4. Designer of wearable energy devices

This specialist will be responsible for creating and developing the design of personal products, such as, for example, clothing or footwear, which are equipped with the function of energy generation. The high-quality design will have to include the energy generating feature, and also be aesthetically pleasing, thoughtful, comfortable and easy to use. The designer of wearable energy devices will have to not only understand the principle of a design but be aware of micro energy technologies.

5. Game designer

The time of complex game plots and ultra-realistic graphics seems to be over. Simple and easy to understand games conquer the hearts of modern users more and more often these days. But there are millions of game applications released and only several of them gain true popularity. The game designer, who is able to create game mechanics and implement basic principles of character management, will be one of the highly popular specialists of the future.

The game integration in people’s everyday life will become more obvious each year. Modern companies already implement games into the learning process of their employees and leaders use game principles in their management techniques. Therefore specialist, who will be able to turn a usual life process into a game, will be in high demand. His goal will be to make people look at their daily habits, such as a trip to work or training, as on a fun game. To become successful in this designer area you will not only have to have the understanding of computer game development but also acquire knowledge in psychology and human motivation.

A girl holding gamepad

Female playing game

 6. Interface designer

Interface designer is a person who creates and develops user-friendly interfaces for different equipment, hardware and software. This specialist has to turn all his attention to the usability to make it as comfortable as possible for the user. Despite the fact that such profession already exists now, constantly evolving human-computer interaction will lead to the need of more and more of such experts. The skill of an interface designer will also require further development in order to meet the challenges of the future. Moreover, interfaces will not necessarily contain images and text, as we see it right now. The designer of the future will have to figure out the ability to apply sounds, smells, tastes to the new user experience. These skills will become much more important than the skills of an illustrator.

Two people looking at automobile dashboard

Modern automobile dashboard interface

 7. Garbage designer

The popularity of using industrial waste in the production of everyday goods is growing constantly. Developed countries will most likely continue to be interested in products made of recycling materials. Of course, the future garbage designer will not have to scour the landfills of junk by themselves, but what they will need to do is be good engineers, chemists and material scientists at the same time. Creating items that can be made on an industrial scale but from garbage is also a great way to make money.

An old lightbulb with a plant inside

New way to reuse light bulbs

 8. Machine learning designer

Very soon such profession as machine learning designer will be in high demand. These experts will be creating data models and algorithms, which will allow companies to develop products equipped with artificial intelligence. The main task of this specialist will be to anticipate the wishes of customers and implement it even before the users will have a chance to announce it.