Interior design

8 interior designers, who have conquered our hearts with their works

Each profession has its own idols and design is no exception. Despite the fact that their popularity and recognition are incompatible with famous politicians, musicians or artists, it does not detract their merits. Famous interior designers are the most creative people who define the face of each new era. They make us not only see but feel, which is the true meaning of their art.

The first ever interior designer was probably a person, who decided to decorate the walls of his cave with illustrations of mammoths, floral patterns or portraits of his fellow tribesmen. With time the process of dwell decoration turned into a real art. Each country acquired its own special traditions, as well as architects, sculptors, carpenters and painters, who later became the first interior designers. However, as a separate profession, the interior designer has appeared only in the middle of the last century.

Today we decided to recall 8 famous interior designers, who have changed our surrounding space for the better.

1. Margarete “Grete” Schütte-Lihotzky

There are not so many women among interior designers. However, each house has an area, which is considered being female and it is the kitchen. No surprise that it was a woman, who came up with an idea to optimally rearrange the kitchen space to facilitate the cooking process.

Grete was born in Vienna and was the first woman in her country to receive a higher education as an architect. Her famous invention called the “Frankfurt kitchen” has become the very first version of the modern fitted kitchens. Grete equipped the kitchen with separate modular sections and left no unused space in a 6.5 square meters area.

It was Margarete who came up with built-in appliances, additional storage space under the stove, drawers for small items and lamps located directly above the working area. In addition, she used a stopwatch to mark the time spend on running between the stove, sink and table in order to place all the kitchen attributes in the best order, creating the most convenient space for cooking.

Greay kitcjen furniture

The “Frankfurt kitchen”

 2. Billy Baldwin

Billy Baldwin is one of the most famous names in the history of the interior design of the 20th century. His taste and sense of elegance had the greatest impact on the whole generation of designers after the World War II.

This is the person who gave the interior design a chair without armrests, covered with a white cotton fabric, also known as the slipper chair. He was also the one to put the wicker furniture in the living room.

Billy liked to use dark brown colors for the walls and white for the sofas. And it would be very difficult to image another American decorator who had more influence or was more imitated by others. Funny, that as the leading decorator of his time, Baldwin did not like the term ” interior designer”.

Two chairs on a wooden floor

Modern version of the slipper chair

3. Verner Panton

Verner Panton is a designer from Denmark with pretty radical views on a modern interior. He was far away from an idea that a living room should consist of a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table. Such statements would sound somewhat presumptuous, but the designer was able to turn his ideas into reality. His chair with no arms and legs is considered the most famous chair of the twentieth century.

Other well-known works of Verner Panton are the Cone chair (shaped as an inverted cone), heart shaped chair and other. His unique style became a prototype of the psychedelic design of the 70s and his furniture looks more like sculptures, rather than interior items.

Colorful chairs shaped like hearts

Heart shaped chairs

4. Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, Franco Teodoro

These three young architects from Turin entered the history of interior design with just one and very simple invention – frameless armchair-bag. This shapeless piece of furniture has quickly gained popularity around the world. Especially often this interior item is used in the children’s rooms.

The very first armchair-bag received a lot of awards, got placed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and was recognized as the most significant contribution of Italian designers to the arrangement of interiors of the twentieth century.

A boy in a yellow shirt sitting on a blue chair

A boy on an armchair-bag

5. Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto

Aalto Alvar is a Finnish designer and architect who believed that furniture should be primarily rational from the human point of view, convenient for people, and not for technology. He is the inventor of the three-legged chair, creator the design of The Finlandia Hall in Helsinki and Vyborg Library. Aalto Alvar is considered the father of the northern modernism in design and architecture.

It is to him we owe the maximally simple and at the same time stable chair on three legs and a round seat, an armchair in the form of a deckchair and other inventions in the field of interior design. The furniture designed by Aalto Alvar remains in mass production to this day, becoming an indispensable element of the interior of houses in various countries around the world.

Brown chair

A chair designed by Aalto Alvar

6. Karim Rashid

An American of Egyptian descent, Karim Rashid is considered one of the most titled interior designers in the United States.  He has over 3,000 inventions in the field of design. He creates designs of not only dwell interiors but also shops, pharmacies, shopping centers, exhibitions, television studios, hotels, entertainment and industrial centers. His style is often called “sensual minimalism” because Karim aspires to simple and natural forms. At the same time, his designs cannot be called faceless, since they always evoke a feeling of something extraordinarily tender and even sentimental.

Karim Rashid has a lot of smooth lines in his interiors and the furniture sometimes does not resemble the usual sofas and armchairs at all. The American designer also designs sanitary ware, offering baths with a built-in TV screen, smooth shapes and unusual, bright crimson or red bottom.

Dark purple chairs and red ceiling

Interior design by Karim Rashid

7. Achille Castiglioni

Often interior pieces are so firmly embedded into our lives that people don’t even think about their creator. It seems that these things have always existed and were an integral part of our houses and apartments.

Achille Castiglioni, a designer from Milan, has invented a lot of such things starting from bookshelves, lamps on a long curved leg to chairs of unusual shape and comfortable tables. Castiglioni has 14 of his works exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art. But his main achievement is turning art into a convenient and familiar object of an everyday life.

A desk with a lamp

Inside the studio of Achille Castiglioni in Milan

8. Ross Lovegrove

Modern designer Ross Lovegrove calls his style “organic minimalism” and seeks to give natural outlines to interior objects. His streamlined, unusually shaped, but at the same time, very comfortable chairs and armchairs fit perfectly into the ultra-modern interior.

The works of Ross Lovegrove were exhibited in the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Museum of Modern Art in New York and other museums around the world. Ross Lovegrove is widely known for its unusual and very attractive lamps in the form of rain drops, as well as bottles in the form of a pouring stream of water and curved speakers for music centers and home theaters.

Metal color table

A table designed by Ross Lovegrove