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The World of interiors: 7 inspiring magazines with the best ideas for your home

The concept of architecture is old as the world itself. In order to have a roof over a head and protection from the outside, people started to construct their first buildings. With the development and evolution of a mankind buildings became higher, stronger, more reliable and beautiful. Nowadays houses and apartments are not only built for the safety purpose but have also turned into real art objects. Modern people value the functional features of their homes, but also pay close attention to its aesthetic appearance.

If you decide to create a unique, yet functional and beautiful design of your house or apartment, it is always a good idea to seek ideas in themed publications. Design magazines often offer a lot of interior design examples and insight information. Magazines also have the details on what elements were used to create a certain interior, as well as their price. This is a great source of inspiration not only for professional interior designers but also for ordinary people, who love beautiful spaces.

Specialized magazines dedicated to interior design may be found on the shelves of book stores, newsstands or even online and we are here to tell you which ones to look for.

1. Dwell

Dwell is one of the most influential and a very popular American magazine that reflects the main trends of modern architecture and interior design. It has been publishing since 2000 with a schedule of 10 issues per year. The target audience of the Dwell magazine is by no means the rich and famous people. The magazine is mostly intended for middle-class and non-professional decorators, who want to remake their homes using what they have. On the pages of Dwell, the reader will dive into an ocean of inspiring ideas, such as how to inexpensively decorate a balcony or how to choose the best facade solution for a house.

Any average American citizen can apply ideas published in the magazine to their home space. In addition, all the tips represent a certain compromise between functionality, convenience and beauty. It also should be noted that Dwell magazine is famous for paying close attention to the issues of environmental protection.

Two covers of a magazine

Dwel magazine covers

2. Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is an American magazine, which has been publishing since 1920 by Condé Nast and considered to be one of the most respectable international magazines dedicated to architecture and design. At the same time, the target audience of the Architectural Digest is wealthy people with high incomes.  Most of the famous designers entrust their unique projects to this worldwide known magazine.

The authors of Architectural Digest are mainly focusing on modern architecture and interior design, although the magazine also contains information on the history of architecture. A lot of attention is paid to the arrangement of the interior space and modern trends. For example, the reader can find out what elements of interior design are fashionable and relevant during the particular season. Architectural Digest is read by both professionals and ordinary people looking for non-standard solutions for the design of their living space. Each issue of the magazine provides an opportunity to make a unique journey into the world of luxury architecture and chic design.

Red house wall and a pool view

Architectural Digest Italia cover

3. Interior Design

This American magazine is devoted to interior design and has a very impressive and vast audience. The articles often touch simple and potentially close to everyone questions, such as a dinner for a large family or functional bathroom decor. Interior Design magazine often collaborates with popular designers and editors and does not skimp on the business trips abroad. Magazine’s observers often travel to Europe and Asia and bring detailed reports with beautiful photos of unique and original interiors.  Each month Interior Design magazine publishes new stunning design projects, “industrial” news and a bunch of other useful information.

Magazine cover with red geometric forms

Interior Design magazine cover

4. Frame

Frame is a well-known Dutch magazine, which has been publishing since 1997 and selling in 77 countries on 5 different languages. Its main focus is the latest achievements in the field of small and large architecture, industrial and interior design. Frame is recognized by world architecture and design experts and considered one of the best magazines on this subject.

The Frame reader can learn about current trends, designer novelties and read the interviews with famous architects. The magazine’s content is rich with not only latest news, but also high-quality photographs, drawings, sketches and other inspirational material. Frame will for sure be a great inspiration for all creative professions, including architects, designers, decorators and even graphic designers since the magazine uses different typography.

Magazine cover with clorful letters

Frame magazine cover

5. Domus

Domus magazine was created in Italy and is one of the oldest publications in the field of architecture and design with 89 year-history. This is a very respectable age and not many printed publications have survived that long.  For a long time, two dedicated people Gianni Mazzoni and Giovanni Ponti have been providing the stability of the magazine on the market. While Gianni was engaged in the publication of a magazine for 56 years, Giovanni was responsible for the artistic and creative strategy. Domus magazine can boast great reputation all over the world thanks to the professionals who have been working there all this time.

The content of the magazine is focused on the study of architecture and design, but not only as a form of art but also as a piece of urbanization and technology. The magazine publishes works of designers from all around the world reflecting current trends. There are also all sorts of news about upcoming events, unique projects and new technologies.

Magazine cover and spred

Domus magazine

6. Elle Décor

Elle Décor is a world-class magazine about interior design and décor. This is an endless source of inspiration for leading designers and decorators and also for people, who are thinking about rebuilding or rearranging their house. This magazine serves as a guide in the world of modern materials and trends in interior fashion. Each issue includes architectural news, best design choices, practical advices and detailed reviews from recognized experts.

Elle Décor is a giant branch of the Elle magazine and has long been living its own life appealing mainly to girls and women. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a new apartment in Soho or in a house in suburbs, there are hundreds of tips and tricks on how to style your home, buy the prettiest curtains or upgrade the bathroom.

Magazine cover with furniture items

Elle Décor Italia cover

7. The World of Interiors

The World of Interiors magazine has been first published in London in 1981 and now considered as one of the most influential UK’s publications in the field of interior design. The magazine is basically a very detailed guide for those, who dream about stylish apartment combined with maximum comfort. In addition, magazine readers can learn about the past exhibitions and find out what kinds of furniture or accessories will fit their interior. The World of Interiors provides information about household appliances and all kinds of equipment. For instance, for bath or kitchen, as well as pieces of furniture from the most famous designers. The magazine also offers its readers a bright gallery of already implemented projects, as well as a variety of options for decorating the garden and the adjacent space.

Magazine cover and a spread with column

The World of Interiors